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"Our vision is to serve the New Generation of Elders by providing improved lifestyle possibilities."

The Method

The first thing to understand about retirement property development is that today’s typical senior is no longer typical. In an increasingly competitive industry, developments either move with the times or get left behind.


The role of McEachern & Associates is to sell your development. We work alongside you to create a positive, newsworthy reputation for your project, and helping you to instil efficient and effective business operations. Our knowledge of best business practices spans marketing, sales, accounting, housekeeping, food and beverage, nursing, activities and maintenance. We promise to leverage our knowledge to your benefit, to ensure the success of your senior residence development.


Rather than simply providing care to seniors, we recognize the importance of facilitating independence. This important difference steers our method, both in what services are available and how they are delivered. With a proven method, McEachern & Associates is a name to trust.  

Our Services

From concept to completion, our expert team assists in every step of the process to ensure your residence stands out from the competition. Whether you need assistance in one phase or all, McEachern & Associates is here for you.

Initial Consultation

We will meet and discuss your needs, our company and the services we provide. This can include a site visit to provide an initial opinion. We are based in Ontario and provide services throughout Canada and North America.  We can also customise our arrangements to suit you and your business.


This stage of the development process is crucial to the foundation of the project, to ensure that we understand your goals and your needs, and outline a plan to achieve them.


The success of a project begins in the community. We perform an in-depth analysis of your project and the market to ensure it is set up to be successful. Consideration is given to demographics, local services and amenities, competition and site location, all of which contribute to a strong concept, design and marketing strategy.


The McEachern & Associates feasibility analysis includes:

  • Positioning in the market.
  • A catchment area competitive analysis including site visits, project overview, ownership, unit types, unit sizes, amenities, services offered, prices, estimated occupancy, competitive advantages and weaknesses.
  • Identification of other planned projects and potential impact of same.
  • Review of site opportunities and challenges including elder friendly elevations, ease of access, proximity of amenities and services etc.
  • Recommendation of concept including target market, suite mix, suite types, suite sizes, suite features, amenities, service platforms [assisted living, independent supportive living, memory care etc.], detailed services for each service platform.
  • Operating pro forma with four-year detailed financials, ten-year projection, assumptions, and schedules for lease-up, pricing and labour.


The seniors housing industry is becoming increasingly competitive and consequently, more sophisticated. It is critical that the design of a seniors’ residence not only incorporates an aesthetic appeal but that it is also senior-friendly in function.


To this end, our design process includes the following components:



  • Appropriate suite and amenity size consideration, as well as building efficiencies, are designed into the building to mitigate rising construction and development costs. A well thought out design program will not only serve the needs of the residents but will also save a great deal of construction costs and significantly streamline the design process.
  • A well designed building should efficiently support the delivery of the many services provided by staff. Staffing costs are by far the greatest operational expense and thoughtful design will have a significant positive effect.
  • While Architects and Designers are highly trained professionals, seniors’ specific design is a very specialized area that requires insight, knowledge and experience. Providing this support to the design team adds tremendous value.


Our grassroots approach to marketing and sales is supported by a well-planned positioning and advertising plan. Our goal is to execute a strategy that will ensure the residence has a positive, newsworthy operation. We engage in relationship-based sales techniques, beginning well in advance of the opening, building a community among potential residents before the project is completed. This increases the likelihood of pre-opening leases and of a building that opens with friendships already in place.


Our marketing strategy includes:


  • Preparation of a comprehensive sales and marketing plan including budget, advertising schedules and event plans. This holistic approach is key to our methodology for your business, ensuring that the marketing approach implemented will work at its full advantage.
  • Oversight and coordination of the hiring, training and support of marketing staff to ensure long-term marketing success.
  • Coordination of collateral materials, signage, website, ensuring cohesive implementation of brand identity and strategy.
  • Systems to review and report the established daily, weekly and monthly goals.
  • Coordination of community outreach program, which is crucial to the reception and reputation of your business in its area.


Site operations support the marketing effort by establishing and maintaining excellence in services. That excellence must be attained with strong fiscal and risk management. This is no easy task in a complex operation.


McEachern & Associates will implement the following operations:



  • We ensure that your business is staffed by great people with the right attitude, in order to guarantee the long-term efficacy of the development.
  • We make certain that your development is established with a respectful environment, guaranteed by the installation of micro-training with clear goals and simple systems. McEachern & Associates goes to great lengths to prepare staff to be successful. 
  • We ensure that the proper tools and necessary support are provided.
  • All this ensures that your employees remain loyal and help keep the project at the top of the market.

Operations Assessment

QPro Solutions Inc. is an extended arm of McEachern & Associates, Inc. dedicated to helping existing properties achieve and maintain operational excellence. The assessment tools we have created are based on years of operational experience and are second-to-none. We can target a specific department or even a single item.


Areas of focus include:


  • Compliance, as well as Public Health and RHRA Audit readiness
  • Staff Training
  • Policy and Procedure evaluation
  • Systems Development
  • Management Strategy
  • Budget Management
  • Marketing Positioning and Brand Strategy
  • Health and Safety
For more information, visit the QPro site.
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