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The Goal

Founded in 2009, McEachern & Associates was started with an intention to synchronize the needs of Residents with those of owners & developers. Using outside-the-box thinking, and a willingness to adapt to the specific conditions of a project and the community it is in, we strive to show that owners can achieve a highly successful property that caters to the wants and needs of the modern resident.

The retirement housing industry is fast-growing, and the new generation of elders is fast-evolving. As a result, it is a challenge for staff training and expertise to stay ahead of the curve. Our team is staffed by capable, experienced people and we pride ourselves on hiring excellent personnel who have a keen interest and strong team attitude.

We spend a great deal of time micro-training managers and staff, in order to develop and maintain the culture and systems that we have created. We also provide ongoing support, follow-up and audits to ensure consistent, managed results. We put in the time and energy to build the team, and develop leaders.

The Team

Our team of industry experts are leaders in their fields, combining decades of hands on experience with intuition and dedication. 

David McEachern


David is very well respected by his peers. His understanding of seniors, ability to teach and his knowledge of operational minutia combine to create an approach to management that is second to none. Starting with Central Park Lodges in the early 70s, David has closely supervised all aspects of Marketing and Operations in the retirement residence field. Over the last 20 years David has worked for Lifestyle Retirement Communities, Revera and others in setting up, managing and troubleshooting operations.

He has developed leading edge management systems for each department, Accounting, Nursing, Food and Beverage, Housekeeping etc. He has specialized in new openings but is also sought after to turn around troubled properties. The last several years have seen David developing new concepts and working closely with design teams to ensure the next generation of seniors’ projects are positioned strongly. Many of his recent design and operational improvements that are now becoming the standard in other new projects.


David’s first love is in the Elders arena but he also spent a good deal of time in the acute health care system in British Columbia, consulting on Hospital operational management. He has been key in assessing poorly performing departments, recommending improvements and implementing solutions. In his very spare time you will likely find David on a stage, singing Barbershop harmony, acting in theatre productions or coaching performers. He is also a registered Chef.

Patrick Brown

VP Systems & Development

A versatile member of the team, Patrick carries an Engineering degree from Queen’s University. He is a specialist in process management and adds excellent structure and sophistication to applied systems whether in Sales, Design or Operations. Utilizing a combination of systems and tools development as well as cause and effect analysis, Patrick finds opportunities to streamline processes, build cohesion and maximize the work output of the team.


With Technology growing rapidly and gaining more traction in the seniors’ housing community, Patrick also oversees the design, implementation and training of technological systems including in-suite telecommunications, emergency response systems and building amenities. Patrick’s work goes a long way to ensure a smooth project start-up and on-going operations.


Overseeing facility Operations, Patrick works with the Management team to refine strategy and approach, maintain compliance and avoid areas that create risk for the company.

Jill Walker

Operations Support

Jill has spent most of her career in the management of Golf Clubs in Ontario. Her foray into the seniors’ industry brings a strong sense of the importance of ‘membership’ clients. She spent two years managing a seniors’ residence for McEachern & Associates and now provides operational support to other managers.

Jill spends her leisure time with three feline friends and is an active member in her church choir.

Vincenzo Sestito

Programming Creative

Vincenzo has an exceptional background in the creative and performing arts. He is a respected Vocal Pedagogue and Artistic Director of musical and dramatic theatre. He has also successfully written several shows for stage.

Vinnie brings an exceptional creative talent to the seniors’ arena in providing stimulating and challenging program ideas. Taking residents to a new level in activities that include improv classes, elaborate themed events and other cutting edge programs, Vinnie’s enthusiasm is infectious and the impact to residents is often life changing. He brings creative planning to an area that is typically mundane and woefully underdone in the industry.


Vinnie also plays a role in working with staff to foster a more energetic and creative workforce.


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