Serving the New Generation of Elders

With over 30 years of experience in the development and management of seniors’ residences, McEachern & Associates is dedicated to bringing innovation into the complex retirement industry. We recognize the changing needs of the next generation of elders and love to provide a home in which they can thrive.

The Promise

Developing successful retirement homes requires expertise in a variety of areas. From concept to completion, our team will ensure that your project moves from concept to design to operations, efficiently and effectively.

Enduring Development
Effortless Operations
Creative Marketing

Recent Projects

McEachern & Associates have actively managed successful projects in the market today. We understand the complexity that COVID, RHRA and other matters have put on the industry and we are here to provide an additional level of ingenuity and insight.

Our Services

We are happy to meet and discuss your needs and the services we provide.
The success of a project begins with solid, on-the-ground information to reveal the best possible strategy for success.
We work with the architect, designers and builder to achieve the critical balance of aesthetic appeal, functionality and building efficiency.

Our grassroots approach to marketing and sales is supported by a well-planned positioning and advertising strategy. 

Professional operations management to ensure all stakeholders enjoy maximum success.
An extended arm of M&A providing Operations and Marketing analysis and solutions for existing properties.

Our Unique Approach

McEachern & Associates is highly regarded in the seniors’ accommodation industry. By creating a positive, newsworthy reputation for your residence, we navigate the complex landscape to work towards a successful outcome for all those involved.

Meet the Team

Our team of industry experts are leaders in their fields, combining decades of hands-on experience with intuition and dedication. 

David McEachern


Patrick Brown

VP Systems & Development

Jill Walker

Operations Support

Vincenzo Sestito

Programming Creative

Sharon Zehavi

Brand Strategist
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