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McEachern and Associates Inc.
120 Sheppard Avenue West
North York, Ontario




David McEachern – President

Patrick Brown – Vice-President, Systems & Development

Jill Walker – Operations Support

Bob Gibson – Human Resource Management

Vincenzo Sestito – Programming Creative

Vincenzo has an exceptional background in the creative and performing arts. He is a respected Vocal Pedagogue and Artistic Director of musical and dramatic theatre. He has also successfully written several shows for stage. 

Vinnie brings an exceptional creative talent to the seniors’ arena in providing stimulating and challenging program ideas. Taking residents to a new level in activities that include improv classes, elaborate themed events and other cutting edge programs, Vinnie’s enthusiasm is infectious and the impact to residents is often life changing. He brings creative planning to an area that is typically mundane and woefully underdone in the industry.


Vinnie also plays a role in working with staff to foster a more energetic and creative workforce.